Online Shop

Step-by-step Order Method

  1. Shop and choose the products that you would like to buy OR send your request list.
  2. Email your product code, quantity, name, contact number and address to OR send via Contact me page in this website.
  3. We will correspondence to your email on payment and shipping method.
  4. Enjoy shopping.


Code Description Product Image
CXXX Cookies Selection
C001 Pineapple Tart (Flower)
C002 Pineapple Tart (Whole)
C003 Germany Cookies
C004 Green Pea Cookies
C005 Chocolate Cookies

Baking Tools

Code Description Product Image
T001 Chiffon Tube Pan (D=20cm)
T002 Chiffon Tube Pan (D=27cm)
T003 Cake Tester
T004 Mini Spatula for cake remover
T005 French Madeleine Silicon Mold

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